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Seward Community Health Center is a proud supporter of students seeking careers in medicine, especially those geared toward primary care and rural medicine. However, since we are a small operation, we are not able to accommodate every student request we receive.


  • All prospective students must complete the application form below

  • New students will be accepted at the provider’s/preceptor's discretion and may be asked to go through an interview process.

  • Due to space limitations, SCHC will allow only one student in the clinic at a time.
  • Student rotations/preceptorships will only be allowed September 15 - May 15 annually.

  • Students must give at least two-months’ notice before the beginning of their desired preceptorship dates to allow ample time for onboarding/credentialing.*
  • Preference will be given to:
    1. Students from or attending school in the Seward area.
    2. Students attending school elsewhere in Alaska.
    3. Students attending school outside Alaska with a desire to work in or return to Alaska
  • Students from outside the Seward area must provide a $2,500 stipend.*

  • Credentialing requirements: 
    • Current BLS certification​*
    • Copy of current licensure, as applicable*
    • Background check*
    • 10-panel drug screening*
    • Current photo ID
    • Copies of educational certificates/degrees*
    • Immunization Record

      • Influenza vaccine within last 12 months or proof of waiver

      • Hep B series or proof of immunity or proof of waiver

      • Tuberculosis (PPD) Test or QuantiFERON within last 12 months

      • COVID-19 vaccine or proof of waiver

*High School students excluded


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