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SCHC is recognized as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). This is a model of care that puts patients at the forefront of care, using evidence-based care as the standard.  PCMHs focus on building better relationships between patients and their clinical care teams. To gain recognition as a PCMH, we've gone through rigorous reviews to ensure our standards of care are top-notch.  Our goal as your medical home is to proactively help you maintain your health.

There are six concepts that form the foundation of PCMH recognition:

  1. Team-Based Care and Practice Organization: Helps structure a practice’s leadership, care team responsibilities and how the practice partners with patients, families and caregivers.

  2. Knowing and Managing Your Patients: Sets standards for data collection, medication reconciliation, evidence-based clinical decision support and other activities.

  3. Patient-Centered Access and Continuity: Guides practices to provide patients with convenient access to clinical advice and helps ensure continuity of care.

  4. Care Management and Support: Helps clinicians set up care management protocols to identify patients who need more closely-managed care.

  5. Care Coordination and Care Transitions: Ensures that primary and specialty care clinicians are effectively sharing information and managing patient referrals to minimize cost, confusion and inappropriate care.

  6. Performance Measurement and Quality Improvement: Improvement helps practices develop ways to measure performance, set goals and develop activities that will improve performance. 


Our goal is to remove as many barriers as possible so you can be as healthy as you want to be. Check out the list of patient resources available in Seward and beyond, including food, housing, clothing, and more.

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