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Conceptual Drawing - New SCHC Clinic Building

A New
Seward Community Health Center

Seward Community Health Center's (SCHC) new clinic will improve the lives of people in Seward and Moose Pass by changing how healthcare is delivered.

The SCHC new clinic will be a place for wellness and community, not just a place to treat illness. With an estimated completion date of 2027, SCHC's new clinic will enable a more holistic approach to healthcare that makes it easier for people to access the care and resources they need to thrive.

Highlights & Benefits of a New Clinic

Waiting Room

Modern Healthcare Center

Two-story facility with 20,000 square feet - a modern healthcare center designed to meet current needs and expected future expansion.

Second floor will have room for partners in health, which many include services such as public health, hospice, WIC, or a food pantry.

Cooking Class

Community Wellness & Education

A teaching kitchen with attached meeting space will create a space for community members to gather and share healthy habits. The new clinic will be a place for cultivating wellness, not just a space to treat illness.


White Medical Student Profile Instagram Post.png

More Student Opportunities

Students seeking careers in healthcare are required to complete rotations in a clinical setting as part of their schooling. We currently cannot accept more than one student at a time due to space constraints. With added space, we can accommodate more students, and even include high school students who are considering careers in medicine.


Increased Access to Care

The new clinic will have double the current number of exam rooms, which means:

  1. More appointment availability and

  2. Shorter patient wait times.

The new clinic will also have increased access to behavioral health, with both individual and group therapy rooms.

Doctor Examining Patient

Better Access to Specialists

There will be enough room to regularly bring visiting specialists to Seward, such as pediatrics, orthopedics, podiatry, optometry, audiology, and more.

Telehealth rooms will connect patients with remote specialists without leaving Seward.


Improved Infection Control

New clinic plans include an isolated exam room with a separate covered entrance. This will allow for more comfortable treatment of patients with infectious illnesses, such as COVID-19, while reducing exposure to others in the building.

SCHC Site Plan - page 1

Conveniently Located

The new clinic will be on the vacant lot near our current location. SCHC already owns the property at 431-501 First Ave.

Staying close to Providence Seward Medical Center will ensure continued access to lab & imaging services, emergency care, and infusion therapy.

Friendly Conversation

Improved Privacy

The new clinic will have space for patients to have private conversations outside the exam room, including:

  • A dedicated triage room

  • Offices for enrollment & billing staff for conversations about personal finances & living situations. 

SCHC Floor Plans 03-2023

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Several SCHC staff currently work in a separate building from the main clinic. Bringing staff together under one roof will help provide “whole person care” to create better long-lasting healthcare outcomes.

Giving providers and staff more office space will increase staff satisfaction & retention. A stable workforce improves care and contributes to a strong Seward economy.


SCHC is an organization created for the people, by the people. Our community-supported 501(c.)(3.) non-profit organization was formed in 2010 when Seward residents approved a City ordinance aimed at improving access to care and the overall health of Seward residents. SCHC first received federal funding in November 2013 and was given only 120 days to begin providing services as a Federally Qualified Health Center. To meet the deadline, SCHC was given space in the hospital building and a detached dry office trailer – intended as a temporary arrangement until a new facility could be secured.

Fast forward nearly 10 years: we have tripled our patient volume, with nearly 7,000 patient visits annually. Our staff size has also grown to accommodate the increased demand. We now have nearly 30 staff filling 23 full-time positions. Space constraints are now restricting our ability to provide new and expanded services to our community. 


Funding Needs

New Clinic Cost Pie Chart.png

The estimated cost of the new and expanded clinic is $20 million. SCHC’s board has committed to building this structure without debt, which will allow staff to focus on the mission of delivering high quality medical care.

If you’re interested in making a foundational gift, please contact Craig Ambrosiani at 907-224-8505


How You Can Help

We are in the planning stage of our 3-year capital campaign. Given that, we are currently seeking advocates, volunteers, and people interested in making leadership gifts at this time.

  1. Follow us on social media @sewardhealthcenter

  2. Sign up for future email updates below

  3. Write our state and federal representatives

  4. Consider joining our Campaign Cabinet

For more information please contact:

Craig Ambrosiani

Executive Director


Jilian Chapman

Administrative Services Manager

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