SCHC Clinic Expansion FAQ

Where will SCHC expand?

We aren't sure yet. Part of our planning & design contract with NorthForm Architecture is aimed at helping us identify the best location. There are three possibilities on the table: 1. Adding on to the current hospital building in which we're located. 2. Build a new clinic immediately adjacent to the hospital building. 3. Build a new clinic on the empty 1-acre lot to the north of the hospital building, finding a way to physically connect the two.

Why is SCHC expanding now?

  • Administrative staff located in dry trailer across the parking lot.
  • Current space doesn't allow for fluid patient flow between SCHC & Providence.
  • Front desk disconnected from clinic space and visually disconnected from entrance.
  • Insufficient space for visiting specialists.
  • Space & scheduling conflicts.
  • Lack of storage.
  • Lack of separate ID – SCHC vs. Providence
  • No talking rooms.
  • No triage room.
  • No dedicated rooms for medical procedures.
  • Not enough exam rooms, which limits provider productivity and the number of available appointments each day.

What is our vision for the project?

The SCHC Board & Building Committee envisions a clinic that provides a positive wellness experience, not just a place for the sick and injured. We want a place of healing that helps people stay healthy and improve their health.

What is the project timeline?

Phase 1 (planning & design): 6 months to 1 year Phase 2:

How can I provide input about the new clinic?

We held a public forum on May 7, 2019 to seek initial input. If you couldn't attend or would like to provide more feedback, take our survey online.

Submit additional questions or requests for clarification about the project to:

Seward Community Health Center

Attn: Craig Ambrosiani