Camp Ke-Da-Qa //

July 24-26, 2019 //

  • FREE!

  • Enrollment limited to 30 students, grades 6-8

  • Priority given to students who qualify for National School Lunch Program


Camp Ke-Da-Qa, which means “Are You Ready?” in Alutiiq, is designed to challenge kids to think about and participate in all aspects of their health: physically, mentally, and socially.  


The 3-day camp will bring in guest speakers to talk about and guide activities focusing on life skills and topics that contribute to personal wellness.  Topics include First Aid & CPR certification, exercise and wellness, celebrating differences, practicing kindness, mental health, putting a stop to bullying, setting healthy boundaries & learning to say “no,” career exploration, healthy eating, and MORE!  

Call 907-224-2273, opt. 4 with questions, or email

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